DSR Returns Feb28


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DSR Returns

Dreams So Real returns to the stage in April.

Yes, since we dusted the rust off for a successful 2009 appearance at the downtown Athens, Georgia summer music fest called Athfest, there was a renewed excitement about playing more shows.  One thing led to another and suddenly two more years had passed since our performance.  Then last November Foundry Entertainment promoter Troy Aubrey reached us about a terrific date in April, the weekend of the annual Twilight Criterium bike race in downtown Athens.  A few weeks and emails later, there was a tacit agreement (that’s about as good as it gets with DSR) to return to the stage for not just one show, but TWO shows – April 27th in Athens at the Melting Point, and April 28th in Atlanta at Smith’s Olde Bar.

The Atlanta show has to be the first DSR show there in over 15 years.

The great thing about putting a show together is that it gives you an opportunity to do some long overdue things like getting the band website together – digitizing not only photos, but videos, interviews, music.  And updating or creating and developing your social networks. Just how many DSR fans are out there is unknown.  But putting a little effort into it gets you back on the map.  For the moment we’ve launched a website, updated our Facebook and Twitter presence, as well as Tumblr and others.  Along with my creative partner in crime Taylor Little, we’ve dreamed up quite a marketing plan and just how much of it gets executed remains to be seen.  If we do half of it, it will be cool.  And for DSR fans out there, might even be really cool.

What’s in store?  I’m not sure.  There’s no plan (well there’s a marketing plan – but that’s different) at the moment other than to get together have a good time, promote things, get updated, reconnect, stir the pot.  We hope to have a lot of great blog posts over at dreamssoreal.com, using the whole process of preparing for the shows as the material.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.